Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Why doesn't it always rain on me?

Exhilarating might be the most adequate word for the feeling I experienced this morning. It was raining (actually, pouring down) outside, it was chilly, almost like in autumn! The morning is still being quite grey and the air is brisk. The last few days have been so hot that al our energy has been completely soaked out, we have been experiencing the state of being “ploff” as the Spaniards would put it.

Anyway, I’m really excited about today: not only have I planned a delicious lunch (cold potato salad with liver patties and lots of onion), but in the evening we will go t-shirt shopping with my boyfriend. While he’s looking for cool tees, my intention is to satisfy my daily caffeine fix at Starbucks and maybe even find a good book as I’ve run out of things to read.


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