Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cappuccino and Clouds


Yawn! I have been on google searching for Portuguese silversmiths and reading Portuguese websites for a while now. Yawn again. I cannot really say that I know the language so it takes a lot of concentration. At least the cappuccino helps a little bit.


The last few days have been a bit strange and my face has reacted accordingly; the inside of my mouth is full of little spots which make eating and drinking quite painful. The areas around my mouth and on my nose also feel sore. My skin is generally of the crazier kind, reacting to almost everything that is even slightly out of the ordinary. I'm lucky because the problem is only aesthethical; having my face, throat or arms covered with big red spots does raise questions but usually I don't even feel that they are there. My main weapons to beat the redness are very simple: aloe vera based moisturiser for sensitive skin, no make up, avoiding the sun if possible. I should probably pay closer attention to washing detergents and such things… Let's just see if all the nice things planned for this weekend will give some relief.


Tip of the day: if you are bored, I recommend you to try to find the homepage of Portuguese cutlery maker Silva Junior. This has turned out to be quite a mission impossible.




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