Monday, 13 July 2009

One Month To Go


In exactly one month I will be sitting at Barajas in Madrid, waiting for the connecting flight to Copenhagen from where I will be flying to Stockholm. From Stockholm the ferry will slowly float over to the Aland. I CAN'T WAIT! Very few times in my life have I felt such an urgent need to go back "home", only in Moscow did pure stubborness impede me from jumping on the next train back to Helsinki, much to the bad luck of my friends who had stick up with me. I want to be close to my family, drink tea and coctails with my friends, go for a massage, go swimming with grandma, search for treasures in a second hand shop, visit the Finnish mainland, breathe Nordic air and feel chilly. Eat berries and rye bread, run in the forest, watch silly TV with Finnish subtitles, fight with my broethers and just be.


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