Thursday, 14 May 2009


The place where I work is right in the middle of an industrial area where a couple of office buildings and two 4-star hotels are used to fool people to think otherwise (the used condoms on the street might give you an idea of what it's really like). Ten minues away there is a park which is good for picnics or an after-lunch stroll, and it has always been a favourite of mine. A good place to relax, it's green and well taken care of.

Today I was walking to that park when a guy in a truck stopped me. You can imagine the kind: long greasy hair and a beer belly, the kind that actually scares you. First he wanted to give me a ride. No thank you. Then he wanted to get me a coffee. That's not very likely to happen. So he just drove away, what a relief. When I had almost reached the park, the man returned, driving around the roundabout a few times while try to make me go with him. Just evil glances, people like that are playing with their luck. Now I was actually quite bothered, not knowing what to do. That feeling turned worse when I saw him driving back and forth on the road while I was sitting on a bench. Of course he showed up again during my walk back to work. The scariest part is that if that man would have gotten out of the car to harrass me, I would not have had any chance to get help or defend. There were no people around whatsoever, no bars or restaurants, nobody out with their dogs.  The park is only a five minute walk away from the hotel and long car queues with angry drivers, but nobody wouldn't have noticed a thing.

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