Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Hop on the bus. Listen to the radio. Curl up in the seat. Read economics. Cuddle a little bit. Read more economics. Get tired. Dozing off. Looking out of the window. Cuddle more. Get off the bus. Walk around a bit. Stress a little bit. Get back on. Eat. Sleep. Covered in something sticky. Get off the bus again. Sleep walking. Finding the metro. Almost jump off at the wrong stop. Continuing. Being met by friends. Talk. Hug. Sleep.


Wake up. Dry throat. Sunshine. Breakfast. Cuddle. Sneeze. Go to IKEA. Fingers itching for an own flat. Want to decorate. Talking and talking. Sip on coke. Going to Swedish shop. Buy cloudberry jam, bread mix and ginger bread. Sneeze again. Go home. Eat a stir fry. Almost sleep.  More talking. Rain outside. Supermarket. More rain. More rain. Glimpse of the sun. Metro. City centre. Delicious ice cream. Squares. Cathedral. Royal palace. No postcards. Walk back. Football stadium. Food market. Strange toilet. Towers and embassies. Almost asleep again. House. Cider without alcohol. Cook tapas. Good food. Football. Valencia wins. Cuddle. Sleep.


Wake up. Cuddle. Cuddle more. Almost asleep. Get up. Almost storm. Serious pondering. Make decision. Get dressed. Run to metro. Go to park. Full of people. Searching for chip. Kiss. Starting line. Crowd shouts. Princess waves. Run slowly. Talk talk talk. Down hill. Uphill. Spurt. Tired legs. Can no more. Walk run walk run. See finish line. RUN. Cross finish line. Spaghetti legs. Red face. Quite satisfied. Drink. Take the stairs. Shower. Economics. Nap. Eat paella with vegetables. Time to go. Almost late. We make it. Back on the bus.

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