Friday, 22 May 2009

Summer Lovin'

Summer is already around the corner although spring is still leaving its marks (red nose and running eyes, anyone?). When I was little, the summer holidays always began on the last of May, and this is not a tradition to be broken. We celebrated summer and freedom with bathing in the Baltic Sea, with time, as we grew older and sensitive, these baths were forgotten. Who in their right mind goes swimming in 15ºC-water?

Now that I'm in Spain, it's time to blow some life into this old tradition, the sea is bound to be a bit warmer. So you know where you can find me next Sunday.


Apart from the beach, this summer will probably be interesting but intense. I have enrolled for three summer courses at university; two in project management and one in creative writing. There will also be an exam in international economics coming up in August. After some searching, I might have found a good option for my masters. The syllabys reflects my own academic interests like a mirror (EU-politics mixed with a bit of EU-law). I'm a bit worried about the money (still, it's fairly cheap for a master, and I'm ready to live on peas for a year if it would come down to it), the language (bet there are a lot of subjunctives to be used*) and the standard (it's not exactly Oxford we are talking about and in these cases I'm a bit of a snob - says the one who chose Manchester over St. Andrews). I'm also seriously considering starting an MA in Slavonic Studies, but at a slower pace, of course.


Neither summer nor life is only about studying and working. This summer will also see three weeks of holidays, nicely divided so that they will include a trip to Barcelona and a slightly longer stay in Scandinavia.**

Barcelona means U2, although I'm also hoping to get the chance to see a bit more of the city. My boyfriend loves the Irish rockers/poppers and I'm tagging along for a bit of an adventure; a packed Camp Nou will probably be a huge adventure in itself, but so will exploring hidden streets and drinking smoothies.

Scandinavia on the other hand means family, friends and minigolf. Once I get the tickets sorted, it is time to start coordinating. I have a few ideas of what I want to do. First, spend some time both in Stockholm and in the Finnish mainland. I might be able to lure my Polish Sweden-loving friend to Stockholm, hopefully for more than shopping. In the Finnish mainland I would need to visit a bunch of relatives (four of my cousins have babies that I have never seen), hunt for Russian books, sit in coffee shops and it would be absolutely wonderful to spend a day or two in Helsinki or Turku. I just want to go there and take it all in, the feeling of being… in Finland.  And home… well, that is all about going for long walks in the forest, visiting family and going out with friends….


I have a gut feeling this summer will be good!!


*For some strange reason, the academic level of a language seems to be quite easy grasp, whereas the colloquial part is a lot worse.

** I know Finland isn't a part of Finland. I wanted to say Finland and Sweden.


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