Friday, 22 May 2009

Russian in Films

Just one question: why is the role of the bad Russian guy always portrayed by American/British actors?  In order to make the film more realistic the actors are taught Russian. Unfortunately there are quite a few Russian speakers out there whose ears start ringing at the sound of Anglo-accents*.

This is something I will also wonder about after seeing a film that is somehow linked to Russian. Yesterday’s Transsiberian was quite good indeed: I liked the storyline, the actors were good (Ben Kingsley got his Russian access almost right and Spanish six-packs are never wrong) and it had it moments of suspension. But the best of all was the Russianness that they somehow managed to catch: babushkas, snow in Siberia, the bus, Russian music…The music was in fact the best bit, and I’m trying to find the soundtrack.

Now… wakey, wakey, time to work.

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