Friday, 8 May 2009

Moscow in my Dreams

We were going for a walk, my dad, my boyfriend and me. We turned around a corner; suddenly we saw it, it was a surprise, completely unexpected, like a  fairy tale. Blurry and grey. Little by little we distinguished shapes and colours. The eternal flame was shivering while a young boy was guarding it with a serious face. Georgi Zhukov was sitting on his horse, frozen in time to save the capital from enemy attack. We turned around the corner and started to walk up the hill. Suddenly we were almost blinded by the colours of St. Basils Cathedral that were glimmering in the sunrise
Okhotny Ryad was filled with people dancing to gipsy music, young and old, men and women. The usual dullness had disappeared, and instead the euphoric happiness and madness vibrated in the air, exciting us.
Tverskaya had changed. While we were looking for a place to have a coffee, Helen suddenly showed up. Problem solved, off we went to Shokolatnitsa to gossip about old times.

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