Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ay España

Today has been one of those days when Spain has surprised me more than usual.

I can a bit ashamedly admit that I'm not the most ecologically aware person out there, but even I like to contribute to saving the planet in any way I can. So just imagine my surprise, embarrassment and anger when the fruit guys runs to me with a plastic bag in his hand, giving me a smile full of pity and saying (like to a 2-year-old) "You do understand that you have to put that lemon in this plastic bag, don't you?" His answer to my short and sharp "No" was roaring laugter while he put the lemon in the bag. What century are we in again? Maybe the one where customers do not complain anymore, they just walk out the door to never return. It is not up to the fruit guy to a) laugh at customers. b) disrespect their "beliefs" or ways of living.*

Talking of customer service: on two different occasions have I tried talking to the helpful people in the customer service centres for two different Spanish airlines. Both airlines had (and probably still have) completely faulty information on their webpages, meaning that all the phone numbers were incorrect. Apart from the numbers, there was no other means of contacting the customer service people. What do you do when you need to confirm a flight or change your plane tickets? Go to the airport and hope that you won't be served by an arrogant individual who tells you that nothing is their business?

*This is a huge deal because I have never been obligated to put a piece of fruit in a freaking plastic bag.

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