Monday, 19 January 2009

Warm and Sweet

Aih, it's cold today, and my computer decided to close the programme in the middle of one of the lectures I had to listen/watch today. The keyboard is covered in kiwi... slimey. No big deal... it might work out.
Right, there is actually a point with this post, and the point is called rooibos vanilla tea. Rooibos, which is also known as red tea(but shouldn't be confused with pu-erh) is made from the rooibos plant that can be found in Africa and it has several health benefits (please consult wikipedia).
So, today I got myself some, spiced with vanilla. This particular tea has 7% vanilla in it (real, fake, sugar, I dont wanna know...) so it smells delicious and tastes sweet, which is a nice change to the bitterness of green tea. Definitely worth a try!

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