Monday, 12 January 2009

Signs of Spring

Spanish people can say what they like* but I know better... it´s almost spring (we're 99% there), and I can prove it to you:

Music in the streets.
Warm enough to walk outside without a jacket.
Light at 6 pm.
Birds singing and flowers blossoming.
People seem happier.
There is snow nowhere to be seen, meaning: you could wear white shoes if you wanted to.
A light feeling of energy.

There is no better feeling than the mix of all these together. Few things are more vitalising than walking outside one bright spring evening with butterflies in the stomach, with the happiness bubbling inside while the warm wind and the setting sun is caressing your skin.

*I know there are at least two of you, and I would really like to hear your counterarguments if you have any!

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