Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Today is the last day of Christmas, as well as the last day of the holidays. Sniff, going back to work just feels so... distant. Something I could do next week, but not tomorrow. Epiphany in Spain seems to be something huge, maybe even more important than Christmas itself. After all, it is today that the magi bring all the gifts to all those who have behaved decently during the year.
Oh well, my experience of this great day consists of giving evil looks to all those mean people at Corte Inglés (I may be small, but that´s not a reason to run over me) and chilling at home, very content and satisfied.
Although we (the 2 people of this household) are very grateful for the gifts we received for Christmas, we could not help but to bribe those magi a little bit:

Hair straighteners... you may guess who those are for...

Whoever puts these pieces together, gets it...

And this is what awaits me for the rest of the evening. Voilá.

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