Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Good Girls Staying Good

The 10 Commandments for Good Girls

Girl, you are not a saint. You don’t even need to pretend to be one, because it is imperfection that makes you interesting.

You do not need to like everyone. You can give a person a fair chance and then decide to dislike them. However, even disliking can be done in style. Avoid gossiping about people behind their backs; you will not get any true pleasure out of it and eventually you will lose your face.

You do not need to please everyone either. Not all the time, at least. It is good that you take other people and their feelings into account but sometimes you have to step your foot down and only think of yourself

You are allowed to make mistakes. That is one of the few ways you will learn anything.

Like yourself. The neighbour’s dog might consider you an ugly, stinking human being and your arch enemy might make fun of you in public. But… who cares?

You do not have to be the best at everything. Take advantage of your skills and talents, but remember to do something you are so bad at that you can only laugh at yourself.

Laugh at yourself. And the world. The world might laugh with you or it might consider you utterly insane. At least you will have fun.

Don’t fight with yourself. There are no winners.

Go with the flow, far too many things are beyond your control so concentrate on what's essential and do your best.

Push your limits and find adventures. Be “naughty”. Paint the town red with your girlfriends, waste money on something completely unnecessary, dye your hair red, skip the gym if you don’t feel like going, read an erotic novel and eat the whole tub of ice-cream. Get a tattoo, go bungee jumping. Make an extemporaneous trip to the other side of the world. If everything else fails, start collecting stamps.

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