Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's Such A Small World [Healing]

The third prompt is about a helpful post or hash tag related to the coverage of the events in Ferguson. First I thought that I would write about something entirely different, my opinion was that the events in Ferguson were so far away, that there are more important things for my own personal healing.

But wait a minute. 

We live in a world where events on the other side of the planet have an impact on our lives - whether we want to or not. And maybe, just maybe, it's something positive. We learn. We keep ourselves informed. 

Swedish media covered the events in Ferguson quite extensively. In many cases, media directly discussed on the situation in the US, but also the impact of social media. However, it also arose thoughts about the current situation in Sweden and Europe. How are we dealing with issues related to race? What does racism look in our current society? The debate on inclusion and exclusion is of tremendous importance and it is a debate that we need to have.  I believe that the view on people - and their rights - is ultimately the core of the matter, it is the indicator of where society is heading and where it should head. 

And then we have the role of social media - in many ways a wonderful invention (although, I must admit, I do think it's a double-edged sword), a place where people from different backgrounds and with different experiences have the possibility to come together and make their voices heard. It is the beauty of social media, it shrinks the world.

As for healing - this feeling of togetherness is a vital factor. Together we stand. While all the participants add to the information, the knowledge, the experience, the burden becomes easier to bear. And. We learn from each other. While the events in Ferguson did not have a direct consequence on my life or the lives of my friends and family, I do hope that they have stirred something within us, increased our awareness and made us seek improvement.

It truly is a small world.

NaBloPoMo September 2014

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