Friday, 2 May 2014

Yesterday's Workout

Yesterday's pilates-inspired strength training consisted of a circle emphasizing the lower body, yet including the whole body. So now my body is completely sore. Actually, I would love to go to the gym but currently - with us jumping back and forth between two-three places - it's not really possible.

The workout: three times three circles, consisting of three exercises. A little bit of rest between each circle.

Circle 1: chest, bum/legs and core. 

  • Traditional push-ups x max
  • Goblet squat x 15-20
  • Kneeling arm and leg reach  x 15
Speaking of flexibility - I'd like to be able to do this :) Picture here

Circle 2: shoulders, bum/legs and core. 

  • Shoulder front raises with dumbbell x 15
  • Hip raises/the bridge x 20
  • "the V" x 10 (sloooowly)

Circle 3: triceps/biceps, calves and bum/legs

  • Lying triceps extensions (2 x 12) and hammer curls 2 x max
  • Double leg calf raise x max
  • Dumbbell swing (one arm at a time) x max/arm

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