Saturday, 31 May 2014

Some More Challenges

What motivates you?

In order to get my fitness regime going (again), I decided to embark upon a couple of fitness challenges circulating the Internet.

The 30-day ab challenge (see Facebook) targets the abs. The FB-challenge officially starts tomorrow, but my boyfriend and I started this challenge a couple of days ago. This far so good, even though I really don't like training my abs. Instead of going by the book, I try to beat my record every day. 

I decided to add some legs and shoulders to the above regime, so May Madness, here we come (albeit a bit late). 

On the third day I'm now feeling nicely sore all over. While the workouts don't require much time, I definitely feel that I have been doing something. An additional reason for satisfaction is the fact that I can stay in the plank position for a longer period of time each day. As I'm not doing the plan alone, I have someone checking my posture. This is something I recommend when doing all of these exercises because it is difficult to know if one is doing the exercises correctly. 

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