Sunday, 2 March 2014

Inspiration and Motivation

Today I have been doing absolutely nothing. This was not my plan. My plan was to look for a job and to work on my thesis. Oh, well. There’s still time.

Looking for a job is tough. How do you tell potential employers that they should pick you? How do you tell them that your skill set and your experience is really transferrable to that particular job?

I might be a bit egocentric now but I’m just trying to bounce with some ideas, to inspire and to motivate myself. Here is why anyone should pick me (potential employers, please leave a comment Smile).

  • I speak multiple languages. Some of them are common (English and Spanish, to some extent Russian), some of them less so (Finnish, Swedish, Polish, bits and pieces of Slovak and Hungarian). And I write multiple languages. Writing and speaking are two different things, I can communicate in both ways.
  • I have a lot of international experience. I’ve studied abroad, I’ve lived abroad, I’ve worked abroad. Chances are that I’m currently working for that very company that has produced your computer. Speaking of computers, I know more about them than I think.
  • I’m quiet and humble, but I do get things done. And what I get done, I get done well. A perfectionist to the core, I have high demands for others, but even higher ones for myself. Why take the easiest way over the fence?
  • I care for the people around me, I want them to be happy. And yes. I am customer-oriented. Finding the best solution and to help someone out, that is important. I like to learn things and teach them to those around me. Whatever you’ll want me to learn, I will learn.
  • And even though I’m quiet, I absolutely love presenting things. It’s exciting to prepare a presentation, to do the research and to put it all together. And to tell people about it. That’s just wow.

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