Monday, 3 March 2014

Vzácne maličkosti. [SK: Precious Little Things]

When I moved to Poland a few years back (oh, whom am I kidding? It’s almost a century ago. Over a century. Nevermind) my mother’s friend gave me a small purse with quite a lot of zlotys. She was working at a ferry at the time, and passengers had left her tips that she could not use in Finland.

This little purse turned out to be a lifesaver; it quite literally kept me afloat. First I forgot my bank card in the ATM at home (not the most clever thing to do right before moving abroad). Then someone nicked my “real” purse in Warsaw. All I had was that little purse with Polish coins. That kept me alive for the next week or so until my bank card arrived.

Sometimes it is the little things we do that can help someone else tremendously.

Yesterday I was writing here about my not working on my thesis. After clicking on “publish”, my boyfriend helped me to finish my survey and to share it on facebook. Now known and unknown friends have taken their time to either respond to it or to share it with their friends. Ďakujem vám všetkým!

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