Thursday, 20 March 2014

Places: Southern Slovakia

Last weekend we made a trip to the south of Slovakia – more precisely we visited Šahy, Vinica and Balog nad Ipl'om.

The trip was actually quite amazing. Not only did it feel like we were in Hungary (the majority of people in the area speaks Hungarian and the ones we met only spoke Hungarian among each other) but the nature was very beautiful with some hills, vineyards and flatness. The kind of nature I always associated with Central Europe when dreaming of this place. Unfortunately there was a constant storm during the weekend so we did not have the chance to walk around and enjoy the nature.

The absolutely greatest part of the trip was the hospitality and kindness people were showing. We were travelling with a friend who’s from this area and for this reason were fed by her parents (great people and great food) and invited to two wine-tastings. The people were so open and friendly.

I had a very special feeling of serenity when visiting this place. It is difficult to describe such a personal feeling in this blog, but when I was walking around in a vegetable garden I felt like this is what life should be like.


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