Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy Fit Year!

Something tells me that nobody will read this until the end, so let’s start with the question: do you have any “fit plans” for 2013?

I have not written much about fitness during the latter part of this year, mostly because there has not been much to write about due to the lack of time to engage in any fitness whatsoever.

The year started well (fitness-wise), after moving to Bratislava it hit a wall and died a sudden death. Fear not, however, I have worked on a plan that I believe is a good one. More about that later.

At the end of spring I started feeling very uncomfortable in my own body. I wasn’t overweight, but there was something that didn’t feel right about it. Again, moving to a foreign country (as well as living on your own) does wonders to your figure. The amount of wine that I have drunk (mind you, a couple of glasses/week) has been compensated by very strange eating habits. Now I’m happy with myself size-wise: I don’t know how much weight I have lost, and it doesn’t really matter, but I’m content with the numbers the measuring tape is giving me. Anyhow, I’m craving for the gym.

So what’s the plan?

Food! Let’s start with the food because it’s so exciting a topic!

  • Increase protein intake and cut back on “bad carbs “ (i.e. chocolate and sugar). this is slightly tough, considering that I very seldom eat red meat and poultry. The options? Fish, soy protein, eggs, dairy and certain legumes. Plus protein shakes (with berries, milk etc, yum!)
  • Cook more. There is a kitchen downstairs. Use it! Smile
  • Proper breakfast. Three cups of coffee don’t count as proper breakfast.

Exercise. Well there is already a plan. A simple one. One that shouldn’t require too much time. 

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Shoulders Cardio Triceps Yoga Legs Rest Running
Back Or Biceps Rest Abs +HIIT Or
Abs + HIIT Something fun* Chest Or Yoga
Abs + HIIT Something fun


HIIT: interval spring: 20-30 minutes
Something fun*: trying some new activity or do some sports that are not strength training
Walk where possible

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