Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Things I Really Like At The Moment

A reader asked me to post about my favourite things. I started writing that post a while ago, but then it suddenly disappeared. Let’s give this another shot. My taste is usual quite simple when it comes to most things. The things I like are usually the ones I feel passionate about: people, places, thoughts, ideas, knowledge… Good food is also very important, as well as laughter, challenges and physical activity.  Recently I have also noticed that I’m starting to pay more attention to clothes and appearance – maybe it’s because summer is knocking on the door? Drink-wise I’m in love with red wine, and chickpeas and feta cheese are the essentials on my plate.
Three life-savers: foundation from Clarins, concealer from Lumene and red lipstick from Clinique

Fitness mags + training

Travelling + places…

Skirts + high heels… taking pictures of oneself in the ladies’ room is optional

Green tea saves the day – this one, from Clipper, is very smooth and very, very delicious

I cannot leave the house without pen and paper

Turkish yoghurt is also oh so delicious


Favourite colours this spring: bright yellow and navy blue. Polka dots and red are also nice!