Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Lot of Work And No Play

The articles, government propositions and books are piling up on the table (and the floor and under my pillow). It’s probably time to start doing something about them soon so that we won’t drown in paper. At the moment I’m in a phase where I want to do a lot of things: arrange and re-arrange our home, be creative, write, read, start/change/develop a/the blog, train, cook delicious food… I’d probably need my own time manager, or perhaps an assistant Smile Anyhow, I’m not complaining because I’m doing exactly the things I want to do. The best way to enjoy life is to enjoy the things you do, it’s as simple as that.

Speaking of the blog. Ages ago I mentioned the possibility to start a multilingual blog (or, to be more precise, I asked if anyone knew how to create one). This blog is like a personal diary and it’s very dear to me, but I have thought about the possibility to start a more impersonal blog about things that interest me (but it wouldn’t be about me per se). And this would be done in at least Finnish/Swedish/English. Now, what do you guys think, would it be a really bad idea to start combining various fields (something along the line of politics, psychology, well-being, travelling)? The argument usually goes that the blogger should stick to one or very few topics, but that thought doesn’t appeal to me at all!


Natalie said...

Obviously it's your blog, so it's up to you, but I'm all for bloggers writing about anything and everything. I have extremely diverse interests – foreign languages, current events, finance, law, technology – and I think I have blogged on almost all those topics at some point. So I say go for it!

The only sad thing is if you blogged in a language I couldn't read. If you do decide to blog in different languages, are you going to have English translations of your posts, or is that too time consuming?

Zsuzsi said...

The ideal option would be to have a website with three different blogs (one in each language) - that way I could publish the same post in different languages without mixing them up. I don't want to use translation tools and I personally don't like posts that are written in more languages than one (just confusing!). This would obviously be extremely time consuming... but it'd be fun!

Satu said...

Minä tykkäisin omalta kannaltani tuosta kolmikielisestä yhdistelmästä, varsinkin, jos siihen ei sotkettaisi muita kieliä :P No, okei, muutaman sanan espanjankielinen aina joskus voisi olla kivaa vaihtelua ;)

Riikka said...

hei, sä et kyllä oo ollenkaan sellainen ihminen, joka pysyttelisi vain yhdessä asiassa! eikä se taitaisi suhun sopiakaan. monikielisyys olis kiva ja ihan hyvin voi pitää useampaakin blogia, jos se on itestä kivaa. mä oon aloitellut myöskin asiallisempaa blogia, toivon että jaksan kirjoittaa molempia jatkossakin - aiemmin on käynyt niin, et ne muut on kuihtuneet ja lopulta oon taas palannut pelkkiin perhosiin.