Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Quick Update

It’s Thursday already. On Tuesday I started my internship at the local parliament, and this far it has been really interesting. I’m attending the plenary sessions as well as meetings behind closed doors, meaning that I get a good look into what politics really is about - seeing how everything works and also being able to observe and analyse the decision-making process is a great opportunity. I’m really happy about being where I am, and I feel that I definitely want to work in a field related to politics. At the same time I’ve been feeling quite poorly all week: it might be the stress caused by the new situation or something else, but everything is hurting me and I’m constantly feeling cold. As soon as I've finished this hot cup of tea that's on the table, I’ll crawl into bed where I’ll read some articles on generating research hypotheses for psychology and then just doze off. The weekend will be spent sleeping.

Today’s outfit.

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