Friday, 7 October 2011


Every time I see that TGIF somewhere, I think about Tigi (as in shampoo). Anyhow, today I’m extremely pleased that it’s Friday. This week has been nice, there have been new tasks at work and also some good news, but I’m just so tired. I go to bed early, sleep like a stone… and feel like a zombie the day after. Some rest will definitely do me good.

Now, the greatness of this particular Friday does not on depend so much on the opportunity to get some rest, but there are some fun things happening as well. Today one of my best friends is coming to visit us from Norway. Tomorrow we might be going out to check out the local nightlife and (AND!!!!!) I’ll finally get to start planning my dissertation. My tutor accepted my proposal so now it’s time to plan the schedule and get down to business, I’m so excited. Oh yeah.

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