Monday, 10 October 2011

Mademoiselle Bleu

les pensées d’aujourd'hui


-          The tea mug is blue, the pants are blue and the sweater is blue. Blue is surely a nice colour, but maybe it would be a good idea to add a touch of something else too, like bright yellow or red.

-          Winter is coming and it’s time to hibernate, like the Moomins. Why wasn’t I born a Moomin-troll instead?

-          Some people have already heard about this, but… my mum thinks I look Chinese.

-          This morning my boss told me he’d be leaving me: so now I’ve got the big office room all to myself. Hah. (he just moved to another room).

-          HIT (high-intensity training) is a great activity for everyone craving for sore muscles. I currently walk like a duck.

-          Yesterday I found a sushi-place here in town. It was quite delicious and I will definitely visit the place again.

-          TT is going away for a couple of days this week: I think I’m going to do the real grown-up thing and invite my brother over to keep me company (or stay at my parents’).

-          Speaking of my brother, one of his best friends is in hospital after being attacked by some drunken idiot. My thoughts are going out to him and his family.

-          Yesterday at 10 pm I realised that I have an assignment which is due today. All my breaks at work will be dedicated to a fascinating book bearing the title “The Horizons of Uncertainty”.

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