Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello world – I hope you are all doing well wherever you are when reading this. I feel the need to blog about something, but – at the same time – it feels like I don’t have much to tell. We went to Stockholm last weekend, I’ll post some photos as soon as I get my new laptop. The trip was nice, but exhausting. It was nice seeing everyone at uni, the weather was fantastic and I had the chance to enjoy some really delicious blackberries straight from the bush. Unfortunately I didn’t find shoes for winter: that’ll be my mission when we go to Helsinki. TT needs to go to the Spanish embassy, and I’ll probably just tag along for fun (and some shoe-shopping).

Today is the last day of August (PAY-DAY!!), and summer is officially over. The other day I signed up for a class in Russian conversation, and so my schedule for Autumn 2011 is starting to look complete: Russian on Mondays, Hungarian on Wednesdays and Fridays. The rest of the time will be dedicated to TT, other studies and exercising. Today I will be meeting my PT: I’ve gone to a couple of her kettlebell classes and she seems to be really good at what she’s doing, so I’m hoping for awesome results.


Last but not least I have a thought on privacy: yesterday I stayed home because I needed to go to see the doctor. I called in sick and thought that’d be enough. And it was enough for most people, managers included. However, one colleague greeted me with lots of questions and comments this morning: “so, you have the flu then?”…”wow, it must have been really bad. Did you manage to get out of bed at all?”, “how horrible, having to stay in bed all day…”. What’s wrong with people? This person didn’t ask me how I was feeling, nor was she interested, she just wanted to make me feel uncomfortable and maybe get some gossip.  

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Satu said...

Kiva kuulla, että olet taas elävien kirjoissa! Koska olette tulossa? Ehdit(te)kö nähdä? Tarvitteko yösijaa? Jos tarvitte, niin ennakkoilmoitus ajoissa, kiitos - kamani ovat siinneet ja saaneet aikaan mm. ylimääräisen sohvan keskelle olohuonetta. Ja kasan kaikkea muuta, jolle en kuulemma saa tehdä mitään. Enkä tahdo mahtua kävelemään täällä...