Thursday, 25 August 2011

Look who's returned to the living...

…today, for the first time in a long time, I woke up without that horrible headache. The whole week has been a blur filled with a lot of work; we are talking 12 hours a day. Anyhow, tomorrow we’re off to Stockholm for a couple of days. The main reason for the trip is not a very funny one, but as long as I survive six hours at university, it WILL be a fun trip. I’m thinking cinema, Indian food and shopping, not to forget socialising. Days like that are really important for my sanity. Speaking of sanity, I can imagine that this (academic) year will be quite horrifying (fun but extremely stressful), so I’m already planning a “you-made-it”-gift for June 2012. The options are a ridiculously expensive handbag or a trip – and that’s not any trip, no, it has to be a proper trip, which means that Europe doesn’t count (unless I’m not able to save enough money, in which case Croatia might be a good idea). The other day I spent a moment – or maybe five - daydreaming and managed to narrow down the options to include San Francisco, Kyoto, New Zealand and Buenos Aires. I haven’t been travelling “for real” in years (living in a certain country doesn’t count) and I really miss the excitement. However, Stockholm will have to do for now!



Satu said...

Tervetuloa takaisin! Mietinkin jo, että onnistuinko järkyttämään sinut sanattomaksi ;)

Minulla oisi muuten paljon kysymyksiä (lähinnä niistä treffeistäsi), mutta ehkä juuri ja juuri voin odottaa vielä hetken, että sinulla on aikaa kertoa niistä sekä ilouutisia - tajusin viimein, että mistä blogisi osoite tulee \o/

Mikä oli läppärin tuomio?

Anonymous said...

Don't go to San Fransisco, it's full of homeless people. Seriously, chock full of them. The city depresses me because it's probably the most expensive city in the US in which to live and for all the money you have to have to live there, it has a homeless problem that is unreal. Go to New Orleans; far more down to earth, the food is better and you won't bankrupt yourself with a hotel bill.