Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Feeling Like A Rebel

Every girl needs to feel like an invincible rebel once in a while. I’m lucky, because in an office full of prim and proper blondes, rebellion is easily achieved – all it takes is a leather jacket and dark, long hair.


And right now I’m so angry – I hate people who boast, so I try to avoid doing that myself. It’s about integrity and all that. BUT – there are some things I’m really good at, most people are, you know. You probably know I’m referring to languages. I’ve studied Polish for many years, I have straight firsts in the language from university and I worked very hard on it. So now I’m angry – because people automatically assume that I cannot be very good at the language because a) I don’t make a big deal of it, b) the person in question has never spent hours and hours (totalling in years) of learning a foreign languages and doesn’t understand what it entails, and c) it’s such an odd language – why would anyone learn it?


Dobra, jeszcze im pokaze J


Natalie said...

Oh my, that does sound annoying. I hope you're not too upset though, because ultimately, you know Polish and the people you're angry at probably never will.

I hadn't realized you studied Polish at uni. I thought you only did Russian?

Dobra, jeszcze im pokaze – does this mean, "Well, I'll show them" or something along those lines?

Zsuzsi said...

Hehe,yeah, I got over it. It´s just so stupid that people underestimate others because of a lack of knwledge.
I did some Polish at university, yes: Russian was my major but we had the chance to study Polish as a minor.
You are correct about the translation - the z in the `pokaze should have a dot on it, though... my keyboard wasn´t made for writing in Polish :)