Monday, 18 July 2011've got me head over heels...

Things I’ve been bothering my little head with lately. Yes, it’s time for you guys to dig the notebooks and pencils out of your pockets because the following is très important.


1)       How is it possible that I own three versions of The Stranger by Albert Camus and haven’t read a single one? I also found about five different versions of Crime and Punishment among my books. At least I’ve read that one (and I can deeply recommend it, too.).


2)       Next time I’ll try to convince someone I’m a secret agent from the KGB, I’ll need to recite Pushkin in my beautiful Muscovite Russian. That must have been the reason for studying the language of the great, mighty neighbour – to convince drunken people that I’m a Russian spy. (and yes, apart from that one very badly tasting rum & coke, I was completely sober at the time).


3)       British Wallander is almost as OK as the Swedish version. But why oh why do they use the Swedish names of people and places when they do not know how to pronounce them correctly?


4)       Green sausages do not taste good. I’m seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.


5)       Speaking of Russian literature – how many of you have read War & Peace? Hands up! (I haven’t…)


6)       If I’d have any spare time, I’d watch Sherlock Holmes over and over again so that their lovely accents would stick to my brain.


7)       I still need some cuddles, so there is nothing new under the sun where that aspect is concerned.



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