Tuesday, 19 July 2011

...and I'm a little tired and I need you now...

”I’m going to throw the garbage in the forest and burn all the paper – because that’s what my neighbour is doing”.

“It’s OK to drive drunk because that’s what everybody else does”.

“Why should I care about Minority X, nobody else does”.


Dangerous thoughts and oh what sweet little sheep we are, just following the crowd and liberating our brains from independent thinking.


I read an interesting article in the newspaper. It was about gypsies in Kosovo, apparently it’s not a very good place to be right now (to be honest, most of Europe seems to be a bad place for these people right now). The conservative granny inside me almost got into a fit after reading this (the quote is more or less adequate) -  “I left school when I was twelve and got married at 15. I really wanted to get married but I don’t like him anymore so we got a divorce”. WHAT`? I know this is something cultural, and it’s not really in my right to preach… but still, that doesn’t sound like an arranged marriage, and how many people have found the love of their life at 15?







Sebastián Moncho said...

Yo a los 15 no tenía ni novia ¬¬

Satu said...

Lueskelin jostain vastaavasta joku aika sitten (elä kysy lähdettä - joku uutispalvelu se oli).

Joka tapauksessa siinä oli tällainen romaaninainen jostain Etelä-Euroopasta. Täti oli niin ikään mennyt naimisiin tyyliin 12-vuotiaana - ja peräti karannut kotoa tehdäkseen niin. Selitti jotain kulttuuristaan, ettei hän olisi saanut olla ihastuksensa kanssa muuten yhdessä. Ehkäpä jostain vastaavasta on kyse tuossa sinun kosovolaisessa keississäsikin?