Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Taste Of Coffee On My Tongue

Oops… seems like I promised someone to update my blog often this week.

Anyway, anyhow.


Right now.

I am surrounded by a lot men. (we are speaking about a 10:1 ratio)

My nails are bright pink and match my dress,

Various muscles are sore after yesterday. But ohmegod, the gym is such a fun place – I love all of it except lunges. Lunges are an evil invention by evil people.

The coffee machine spits out quite delicious lattes. (or maybe I’m not a very picky coffee drinker)

My head feels a bit blurry, even after four cups of coffee.

On Saturday I will go out. The plan is to enjoy some… ahhh…. Cold Freixenet. Long time no taste. I’ll also want to laugh a lot and run in high heels.

Between one and two p.m. work is a bit slow. I’m waiting for F-boy to drop off a huge pile of paper on my desk, but usually he hides it all.

It seems like there will be 2 of us studying Hungarian in the fall. 2 people in the whole country! I hope they’ll let us do it because I don’t want to part from my beloved language-learning :D

It’s sunny outside but I’m freezing and I want a hug. Anyone want to hug me?

Finnish-speaking men have the hottest voices in the world. The only ones who could possibly compete are the Irish.



Now I dare you to tell the readers (and me) about the best thing that has happened to you today!



Sebastián Moncho said...

Y qué haces rodeada de tanto tío? x'D

Natalie said...

Oooh, I love bright pink nails – photos, please? :)

Satu said...

Paras asia tänään... Oli varmaan, kun C hyppäsi sänkyyn hakemaan "aamurapsutuksia" huomattuaan heräämisen merkkejä. Mikä voisi olla ihanampaa kuin heräillä kaikessa rauhassa kissun kanssa toistaan huomioiden?