Thursday, 21 July 2011

...I wish I was a punkrocker with flowers in my hair...

Last night before falling asleep I though about something clever to write about in the blog. Now I can’t remember what it was. Maybe it had something to do with allowing more than two people to marry each other (apparently some green youth groups have been advocating the idea). Or maybe Obama was somehow involved. He was on telly yesterday.


No. That’s probably not it. Maybe I wanted to write about love and passions. Or goals and dreams and stuff like that. Things that make the butterflies in your stomach tingle with excitement.


At the time the thought was beautiful (or at least interesting).  And deep. Then I fell asleep and apparently forgot all about it.


Now giddiness has taken me to new heights and I feel like dancing. Or singing. Or hugging someone. (what’s up with this sudden need for hugging?)




1 comment:

Alex Boncore said...

how nice if people love each other the way you want!