Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Place in the Rain

Let's begin today's blogging with 6 positive thoughts.

1) Rainy days are wonderful. And that is a good thing as we are experiencing some kind of a rainy season here in Valencia. It's pouring down!

2) Cappuccinos are tasty but tea is even more delicious. I have brought four or five different kinds of green tea to work, and my boss has his own collection in the cupboard. So there is no better way to enjoy the rainy day than with a big tea cup in your hand.

3) Yesterday I did well in my Hungarian class. My microphone wasn't working but I managed to participate anyway, which felt great. It's one odd language but I love it :D We are doing really basic stuff but one has to start somewhere. I should also receive the course book this week... which means that there will be something in the mailbox!

4) Payday tomorrow... no explanations needed!

5) This morning I got a ride to work so I didn't need to walk. Highly appreciated, thank you!

6) One of my best friends might come for a visit. Fingers crossed she does because we see each other so rarely.

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