Saturday, 26 September 2009

Enough is Enough or How to Find Yourself

For the last... god knows how long, I have not been myself. I have been a hysterical, crying, confused mess who has been sinking deeper and deeper into pessimism. I have always lived my life according to strange standards dictated by noone else than myself: mainly it's been about showing those horrible kids at school and everybody else that I indeed am better than them - by looking great, getting a great education and a wonderful job. I have been so busy building a shell around myself that I have forgotten to take care of the inside. Hence... the mess.
Now I've come to a point where this strategy no longer works, I want to find a way to improve my life so that it actually is a bit more enjoyable.

Let's start with plain words, words that carry a positive meaning, words that can be associated with things that make me happy: inspiration, motivation, health, optimism, fitness, colours, red, bubble baths, massage, learning, sexy lingerie, Murakami, languages, autumn, palm trees, tea, hugs and kisses, writing, reading, books, shoes, over-the-knee-socks, photography, words, analysing, laughter, teasing, sex, moving, adventure...

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