Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Odd Foreigner

It seems that a woman who goes for a walk during her lunch break is something unheard of in this building. The receptionists are wondering about my well-being and the director keeps insisting on giving me a ride to the bus stop.

It might be quite warm outside, but a bit of exercise has never caused any harm to anyone.

Another typical thing for northerners (checked this one with other girls from Finland, Sweden and Canada) is that we prefer comfort over elegance or alternatively gorgeousness. While most other women down here are all feminine with high heels, generous cleavage and lots of make-up, us northern girls seem to prefer a more natural style, i.e. quit the heels if you need to walk, there is no need to show the whole office your breasts and your skin stays nicer if you spare it from chemicals. But, when the time is right (and you know for sure there won't be any walking) even we do have a little being inside of us who likes to dress up as a femme fatale (depending on the mood of course)

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