Monday, 6 April 2015

Right Now

stretching and turning in bed
Feeling: 87% relaxed, slightly excited and a bit cold. Also looking forward to the rest of the week. Actually, positive with turbulent overtones might cover it.
Nuisance: this device I'm writing on, I do not understand why this particular brand is so popular. This machine makes me go crazy at least twice a day. 
Tip: nowadays I'm hooked on memrise for learning and repeating foreign languages. Try it if you haven't done so yet!
Inspiration: how very old fashioned of me. Magazines are still my number one source of inspiration. Yoga, food, sports, you name it. 
Topics on my mind: the good human, the best travel companion and Ernest Hemingway's wives.
Thoughts on travel: I want to return to the Balkan. Soon!!!
Language inspo: Serbian

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