Wednesday, 8 April 2015

364 Days Ago

364 days ago I moved to Sweden. In the past year I have looked for and found a job. I have held three different positions in the same company and somehow I landed at a job that I enjoy. I like going to the office. Not too long ago I felt frustrated and stressed to pieces. I finally feel appreciated, mostly by myself, but also by others. Some people mature really quickly, in my case it has taken very long to find inner peace and acceptance. I have always tried to focus on the things that I enjoy, trying to remember that it is the journey that counts, but there were times when the journey felt tough. This past year great people have been there for us. Old acquaintances have become friends. My home that never felt quite like home is not too far, so finally there is no need to choose. And I have a home that feels like a home, with a person who feels right. 

So tomorrow it is exactly one year ago that I moved to Sweden. Tomorrow is also my birthday. I have never liked celebrating, but as a friend put it: why not celebrate at every occasion that we can? After all, we only live once. 

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