Monday, 6 January 2014

Reflections on Creativity

On New Year’s Eve I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about creativity. Most people – yours truly included (in the past) – seem to think that creativity is linked to art or to the skill of producing things with your hands. As creativity is one of my keywords for 2014, this is one topic I would like to dig my teeth into a bit further.

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I would like to disagree. After spending most of my life being sad about the fact that I’m not a creative person, I have now reached the conclusion that the problem is not me being uncreative. Rather, the problem lies with my definition of being creative and creativity. True, I will never be able to create music or wrap the most amazing presents. My near and dear ones should not expect to receive anything handmade from me – not even a cupcake.

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However, think of any problem you have ever had. What is required from you to find a solution? The answer is creativity. What do you do when you process new information or prepare a project? Again, creativity. How about decision-making? What is needed in order for a good decision to be made? One that is not only rational but also takes into account different emotional aspects and consequences? I think you can guess by now!


I could write so much about this topic, but for now I would just like to conclude that the definition of creativity is wide and it can be applied into so many areas of life and human functioning. One last thought: even though one isn’t very good with their hands (as is the case with me and cupcakes), there is no point in not trying. The result might not be so good, but at least the process of creating might be fun.

What are your thoughts on creativity?

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Natalie said...

Good post—as usual :) I am what you'd conventionally call creative: I knit and play a musical instrument, both of which are creative. But for me, the most important creative activity I engage in is writing. You've been writing this blog for some time now, so I definitely think you're creative. I also think translation is creative, as the translator has discretion in choosing how to render a certain phrase or sentence in the target language (i.e. there's no one right way). What I'm trying to say is don't be sad about not being creative because you definitely are!