Sunday, 12 January 2014

dnes (SK: today)


Dnes som unavená. I am tired today. It’s good to know all the essentials in a foreign language Smile The second cup of coffee (with some Arabic spices) is being emptied, while I’m pondering about the schedule for today. I need to make some pea soup, start painting (!!!!), start on an assignment for sociology class, go to Raca (one of the districts of Bratislava, also known as the producer of many good wines), buy some eye cream etc etc etc.

Maybe the correct word is not unavená, but rather ohromená (overwhelmed).

Language note: adjectives in the Slovak language – very much like other Slavic languages – need to agree in gender and number with the noun. As I’m one female, I’m unavená and ohromená instead of unavený and ohromený.

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