Thursday, 9 January 2014

Go Get ‘Em!


You only live once, they say. Chase your dreams, go places, love, set your heart to it. I sometimes find these phrases somewhat troubling. Not everyone can do as they please. Not everyone can chase their dreams. Blessed are those who have the guts, the skills and the economic possibilities. Sometimes chasing dreams requires a lot more than just the will, even if it’s a good start. At the same time, how could one not at least try? Goals and dreams do not fulfill themselves. So, I guess I’m kind of divided on this now.


Today I read a thought-provoking update on facebook (where else?) where a person very correctly wrote that the more goals one has, the greater the need to get down to business. And I felt overwhelmed. What am I doing to chase my dreams? I do admire people with a lot of goals and ambitions, I think I have some of them myself. However, I cannot help to wonder if this is chasing is not a product of our society (whom else to blame, right?). Sometimes it is easier to focus on the things that could be instead of appreciating what is.

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