Saturday, 4 January 2014

5. Pät’. Five.

First thought: all it takes to make some good food is five ingredients. Five is a good number to keep things simple while mixing flavours.

2nd thought: maybe I should rename this blog to Cooking in Slovak.

Ingredient # 1 (jeden, jedna, jedno)

Zucchini. Cuketa.


Ingredient #2 (dva, dve, dve)

Garlic. Cesnak.


Ingredient #3 (tri)

Tomato. Paradajka.


Ingredient #4 (štyri)

Couscous. Kuskus.


Ingredient #5 (pät’)

Feta cheese. Syr feta.


How to make it?

Fry ½ zucchini (small), 2 garlic cloves and five cherry tomatoes in olive oil. Prepare the couscous. Once all is done, mix them in the pan. Put on a place, add the feta cheese and some seasoning and spices.

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