Monday, 11 November 2013

Language & Food

One way to efficiently learn a language is through food. When living abroad – and also when travelling – one is faced with the challenge to read the menu or to find the correct ingredients in the supermarket. Food is important!

Food is also a big part of the culture of the country where one is residing or visiting. One of my tips for language-learning is to familiarize oneself with local food and dishes and to look at the grammatical structures behind the names (if there are any).





Autumn is duck season in Slovakia. The duck is usually served cabbage (red, white or both), potato pancakes and/or dumplings. These are the following phrases you may see in restaurants or in cookbooks:

Pečená kačica s červenou kapustou = roast duck with red cabbage

Pečená kačica s dvoma druhmi kapusty, lokšami a knedľami = roast duck with two kinds of cabbage, potato pancakes and dumplings

Grammatically there are a lot of fun things going on there. See the declension of cabbage? But do you notice how different the endings can be? Smile


Another tip, especially for all those who love cooking, is to look for interesting recipes. One’s language skills improve quickly while translating recipes and trying them out in practice!

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