Thursday, 14 November 2013

10 Things I’m Happy About Right Now

After a stormy few days (hello hormones), I’m totally zen now. Totally, totally. But just to kick off the day with some extra positive feelings, I decided to list down 10 things that I’m happy about right now.

  • I’m having very delicious coffee each morning. Thank you mum for importing it all the way to Slovakia.
  • We have a lot of fun plans from now on up until Christmas. One of the plans is to avoid shopping centers Smile
  • Each morning I get a lot of hugs. This also happened this morning. Bliss.
  • I can’t wait to start preparing people’s Christmas presents.
  • I’m attending this course on social welfare in a global context and it really makes me think. Good stuff!
  • It has dawned upon me that I love teaching and preparing learning material. What to do with this insight, I don’t know yet.
  • My body is sore after a good work-out yesterday.
  • My boyfriend makes a great partner in crime in most things I do, like the gym.
  • There is a whole pile of unread books waiting for my attention – even some in Russian as a friend brought me three books after a visit to Moscow.
  • There are good things happening to my friend. That is always important.


What are you happy about right now?

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