Saturday, 30 November 2013

And a little something. A niečo malé.

How do you define luxury, what does it mean to you? I read some blogs and know some people. whose definition of luxury seems to require expensive stuff, fancy meals and a lot of things. Be as it may, we all have our definitions, our own way to look at life.

As a mini-project (a luxurious life definitely requires some projects – at least in my world), I decided to collect some photos from the past few months which show what luxury is to me. And well, they serve as inspiration as well.


Good food: in this case, a traditional Slovak duck-dinner with duck (duh!), lokse (potato pancakes) and two types of cabbaged. To be served with wine and not to forget – in good company.



A good book. Languages. Knowledge and puzzles.



Morning strolls. Freshness. Colours.



Cities, life, laughter. (here: Vienna]



Vastness, stories told and untold. [here: Schönbrunn in Vienna]



There can be no luxury without coffee, nor without love.

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