Sunday, 1 September 2013

So Wow, It’s September!

…and I have already written more posts than in August. Well done me!

Gathering thoughts at this particular time is somewhat difficult. I woke up at 3.38 am after a nightmare about being in a Budapest tram accident.

So, right now’s…

Feeling: slightly sleepy.

Drink: coffee with cream. Gotta spice it up on a Monday.

Plan: go to gym after work. For the first time in weeks. Also, I want to cook chanterelle pasta.

Thought: it really feels like autumn.

Source of excitement: in less than two weeks we will be off to Poland. And Uni should be starting soon. I have two courses before starting on my dissertation: one in sociology and one on social welfare. Should be fun Open-mouthed smile

Now. Need. To. Pack. That. Gym. Bag.

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