Thursday, 2 May 2013

Final Module

You might notice that I have been absent the past few months. The reasons are many and I don’t feel that I need to explain myself further. However, I will tell you about something great that has been occupying me this year. My studies.

Now that there is only one module left, I can safely say that Sociology of law feels like the right thing for me. We have been studying a mix of European law, theories of social sciences, methodology and evaluation research. It’s all been a lot of fun even though it’s been tough at times.

A question people often ask me is: but what is sociology of law? I tried answering this question in the autumn, now I know more. Laws have implications and they are related to the society within which they are created, formed and implemented. It is this relationship that is interesting in the sociology of law. Today law is very multifaceted, the nation state (especially in Europe) has lost a lot of its traditional powers, it’s a very complex world we live in. And it’s an awfully interesting object to study.

I have one more year left. In the 2nd year we are free to choose our modules. I have applied for two modules; Social Sciences: Social Welfare in a Global Context and Sociology: Classic and Modern Theory. My backup plan is to do some Russian Smile

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