Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hej! Don’t Be Stupid.

Today I feel like talking about languages and minority and minority policy. I’d like to sit down at some table and try to save the world. Talk about openness. How all people – no matter what – are equal. That immigrants shouldn’t need to be grateful for anything just because they are immigrants. How languages are important because they make us who we are. That there is no such thing as a wrong language. That learning languages should always be endorsed. That minorities should have the right to speak their own languages and develop their identities without having to have to listen some idiot remarks from the majority population.

So, yeah. Hej. Languages are the best. Being who you are is also the best.

This post was inspired by a conversation with some Slovaks about the Hungarian minority in Slovakia, this song (by some Fenno-Swede artists) and this article (by a former immigrant in Finland).

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