Sunday, 13 January 2013

First Whole Week of 2013

It’s Sunday. Bratislava is drowning in fog and clouds. I woke up wishing that I could hug someone, sometimes being single sucks. This is something I was thinking about the other day, how being loved is not a human right. It’s something you’d wish to everyone, but maybe one needs to face that there is a chance of eternal singlehood. It’s not a happy thought, but coming to grips with that thought might make life a little easier.

On a happier note, I might be surrounded by the best people ever. We laugh, we joke, we drink too much diet coke, we plan trips to Prague and other places and we try to heal the world. I keep repeating this, but I do believe that it’s important to be thankful for the people around you. So many people have come and left in my life, I really want to hold on to the good ones.

Life is intensive, slightly too intensive. This weekend I have slept about 24 hours and now I feel back to normal. This weekend I’ve been trying to dive into Slovak culture. On Friday a Slovak boy was telling me about Ľudovít Štúr and how important he is considered in contemporary Slovakia. This is what I want, to know this country, its culture, the language.

One of my colleagues is Danish and for some reason my eyes have recently opened to German and Danish. There is no time, I know. But I really like the sound of both languages. So, right now I’m listening to this.

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