Sunday, 18 November 2012

Men se på mig då.

Today I would like to write about something melancholic, grey and yet happy. What such a thing is, I don’t know. I just finished updating my research blog. We are comparing and contrasting the differences between the inequalities of Roma girls in an educational context in Sweden and Denmark. That sentence makes little sense, the topic is interesting.

It’s raining today. My room is a mess. This morning I thought about hugging and being hugged. Next weekend we are off to Budapest. The trip (bus to Budapest from Bratislava – train back – two nights in an apartment) ended up costing 50 euro. Not bad.

My stomach is feeling a bit funny and I would need to buy a new pajamas.  Today I bumped into a new flatmate, a boy I’ve never seen before.

It’s funny how weird one can be about totally useless things.

A friend recommended me a blog written by a 100-year old lady. That. my friends, is amazing. Think of all the things one can experience in 100 years: all the love and joy and adventures, and the sadness of course. I want to live until I turn 100 years old, and I want to love a lot. I think those are the main feelings in my head today.

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