Sunday, 18 November 2012


Right now I’m feeling so happy – there are so many exciting things going on right now and I’m surrounded by great people – is there anything else one could possibly need?

Today I did some shopping. Surely it’s not a reason for my happiness, but having a proper coat does make life a little more bearable in wintertime.


The colour of this dress is lovely.


Let’s see if that Learning-Slovak-Project will start now. Do note that Slovak uses the preposition “pre” for “for”. Oh no, this is going to be confusing. In both Russian and Polish it’s “dla”. (sometimes “do”).

It’s Saturday and I’m home. Somehow I’ve managed to go out for wine three times this week and it has been a blast. Tonight was time for rest, though. This evening my best friend and I have been looking for flight tickets and in two weeks she’ll be here. I can’t wait!

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